Thursday, February 15, 2018

GMC Provides Confidence and Safety

GMC provides both confidence and safety with it's innovative technology.  These are two important features that most people want in their vehicle, confidence and safety. We want our cars to be reliable, perform well, and have that look and feel that reflects your particular lifestyle. When these things are present then you have a vehicle that you can be proud of makes you smile.

At Vestal Buick GMC, we are proud of the vehicles we have for sale and we are proud of the GMC brand that offers "Live Like a Pro" quality and value. We are also extremely proud of the added value found in our GMC safer driving technology that our customers enjoy from their GMC purchase.

Driver alert safety seatsToday, driving seems to be filled with a world of distractions. To meet the needs of you and your family GMC has designed a safer vehicle that meets the needs of modern day driving. GMC safety technology provides you with innovations that provide not only confidence in your purchase but also peace of mind.

Safety features are just a few of the great extras that can be found on our many GMC makes and models. Give us a Call today at 336-996-5780 for more information on GMC safety features. Now is the time to surround you and your family in GMC confidence and safety. Here are a few of the innovative safety features found in our new GMC family of vehicles.


Uses forward-facing cameras and/or radar to detect the distance from the vehicle in front of you. Available Forward Collision Alert provides audible and visual signals if it appears a collision may be imminent. The system also warns you if you’re following a detected vehicle much too closely through a visual display in the Driver Information Center (DIC).


Help reduce the severity of a crash on the road or avoid the crash altogether at very low speeds. With available Forward Automatic Braking, the system can detect that a front-end collision is imminent with a detected vehicle and alerts the driver. If the driver has not already applied the brakes, the system automatically applies the brakes for you.


The available Front Pedestrian Braking system can help detect pedestrians in front of you. When a pedestrian is detected and the system detects that a collision is imminent, it alerts the driver and if necessary, automatically applies the brakes to help reduce the collision’s severity.

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